My Heart Is Broken

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You and I, we two, us, altogether

Have, had, hold, held,

Cared for, Loved with, Cried about

So much.


I followed you everywhere

To your dreams, to what you love about life,

To new thoughts, ideas, philosophies,

To your anguish about this or that.


Us’n, we had something didn’t we?

But I was following, walking with, loving, having

A relationship with someone I thought I knew


But I will never understand


I guess.


I’ll never understand


I guess.


Virtues, values, things that matter

I thought we held together

Trodden on,

Trampled on.

Stamped upon,

Trashed upon.

Sneered at.


I thought you’d be outraged

but no.


Not at all.

I thought you’d care

but no.


And thus my heart

was splintered, cracked,

and dashed upon the rocks.

No thread will bind it tight.


Oh I still love you,


The heart I know you have,

Your care for little children

You know.

The legacy you’ll leave them and others,

The harvest that you sowed.


Oh I still love you


For all you’ve given me,

For all you’ve given others,

The legacy you’ll leave.

The harvest that you sowed.


But my heart is surely broken

I’ll follow you no more,




As I did before.


Those deeper

Virtues, values, those simple little themes

I so dearly loved you for,

The ones so much about you

I admired and adored,


…my heart was surely broken

and so that chapter’s o’er.

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