I Owe Ten Thousand Tears

I owe ten thousand  Tears for ten thousand species Extinctified. Gone.   Source of all blessings you bless us with change we did not seek or want. You push us out of our ruts and comfort and ask us to learn and adapt and grow and question and survive and to thrive and to appreciate … Continue reading I Owe Ten Thousand Tears

The Patchwork of Our Potential

“Every day opens and closes like a flower, noiseless, effortless. Divine peace glows on all the majestic landscape, Like the silent enthusiastic joy that sometimes transfigures a noble human face.” ~John Muir, 1988, p. 13 Let’s start with a proposition or two or three. One proposition is this, “At birth, each person is endowed with … Continue reading The Patchwork of Our Potential

Christmas Morn, Mourn, and More’n

“One cannot imagine a world in which there is nothing but language and speech, but one can imagine a world where there is nothing but silence.’ ~Max Picard, The World of Silence, p. 17 It’s early Christmas morn. Silence. Dark throughout the house. Outside the slow crunch of four tires atop the fresh, soft, white … Continue reading Christmas Morn, Mourn, and More’n