I Feel Pretty: My Review

“To be really great, you need to be naturally funny in order to stand out. But you can work at it, and find the best vehicle that you have to communicate what you’re saying to people.”
Amy Schumer

I Feel Pretty: My Review

I saw this movie with my sister yesterday and we both enjoyed it. Our expectations were lower because of the trailer and we anticipated a Will Ferrell “that boy is shameless” type of movie. Pleasantly surprised.

Amy Schumer is the star. After seeing the movie, I went and read what the critics wrote. The critics wanted to be critical and tripped over the details of the movie and missed the overall arc. I don’t think that they “got it”. They’d say, “oh yeah, I got it” but no, I think that they missed it. Sorry guys.

The movie is about a lot of things. We can start with how we perceive ourselves. In this movie, Amy Schumer has low self esteem probably based partially on her weight since we have a scene where she looks critically at herself in the mirror. We can all relate to that, right?

I believe that this movie parallels the arc of the Don Quixote story but instead of a tragic ending, it will resolve with a happy ending but the core is the same thing. That is what the critics missed but what we saw.

Don Quixote is an old man. His brain dries up from reading too many books and he suddenly believes that he is a knight. His adventures are funny and pathetic. However, we begin to see what he is seeing and that is a world of beauty, nobility, goodness and right. His family, wanting him back and sane, create the Knight of the Mirrors and he is surrounded by mirrors and he is forced to see himself as he is: an old man. He dies after that and it is sad.

Amy Schumer clocks her head. When she wakes up, she suddenly believes that she is beautiful. Her adventures could have been funny and pathetic like the bikini contest but she wins over the crowd and us. Her confidence gets her a new job and a new sphere of people to be around. Late in the movie she is confronted with two pictures of herself and she is forced to see herself as she really is. Unlike Don Quixote, she understands her confidence was based on herself and not, really, her beauty. Then she makes a rousing speech and it is a happy ending.

The really good thing about this movie is we see her perception of the world and it is great. We could have been embarrassed for her in the bikini contest but we were not at all – so this goes counter to expectations and the assumption that we’d laugh at her like we would a Ron Burgandy. She is not that though, she is so much more and this is what elevates this movie.

The critics got tripped up, somehow, by Amy Schumer being a pretty blonde white girl. They were bothered by product placement and maybe they should be but I missed it entirely and, candidly, I do not know what a spin class is so I guess this movie might be “targeting” women. They do talk about the store Target. Some critics were offended by the plus size jokes but they missed that we were to look through the jokes.

This movie has a fine cast. Michelle Williams is a blessing to the movie industry and in this movie, each scene with her is a treat. It is under two hours, thankfully.

I like this upbeat comedy that has more to it that what is on the surface; brilliant really.

One thought on “I Feel Pretty: My Review

  1. I missed the chance to see the movie, but it peaked my interest a lot, wondering exactly how they would pull off the story in it. So many reviews are negative. I look forward to seeing it myself 🙂

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