Fortnite Infiltrates World of Warcaft!

“I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished.”
Senator Pat McCarran

Fortnite Infiltrates World of Warcraft!

We have seen them everywhere. Players from other games coming into our game; to make us weak and soft and vulnerable. They have a hidden agenda but we see the vile threat. They want us to fail, to hate our game, to fight each other so that we will quit. And then to join their flash-in-the-pan game, so that we will be endless fodder for their un-Christian battle royale. We must not be unwary victims.

They have infiltrated our game, our guild, our raid team. Who is that hysterical wimp who always stands in the fire? He could be the enemy, hiding in our noble ranks. Ferret them out, like the rats that they are; gnawing at the foundation of our pure game. Shine the light of truth on them and send them packing back to Mama.

It is our own tolerance and generosity that makes us an easy target. We must stand hard, penetrate their conspiracy and cut off the umbilical cord to Fortnite. They are everywhere and have infiltrated our leadership. Blizzard stood limp as Activision forced Call of Duty onto OUR launcher! I know, we are all offended; it isn’t decent. No up-standing WoW gamer would ever be sullied by the disease of Call of Duty.

We honest gamers demand that Blizzard root out these subversive spies in our game. Flag them if they play Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Hearthstone or Farmville and then come in to infect our game. Recognize that they do not hold the blue banner of the Alliance or the red banner of the Horde but, it is sickening, play both sides; combine the colors and you get Pink. Those little pinkos are weak and nasty little vermin.

Our Subvert Azeroth Activities Committee can see their methods and describe them as such:

  • the disruption of Trade Chat and the LFR
  • inciting of social, racial strife, PvP death camping and encouraging conflict
  • the dissemination of propaganda designed to undermine the World of Warcraft
  • corrupting our leaders in the guild and all the way up to Blizzard and securing appointment of sympathizers into top positions

I’d rather twink than be pink.

The rhetoric of Senator McCarthy was used by many of the congressmen of that time. Basically, it came down to subtle name calling. The brilliance of their tactic was that to argue against their premise one was forced to argue within the premise and, trapped within, one could not win.

Reading around, I spent the most time with this excellent article McCarthyism’s Rhetorical Norms by Rebecca M. Townsend.

The congressmen depicted themselves as manly and used words like “hard” or “penetrate” and “sturdy”.

They pushed the enemy, whether it was the imagined communists or unwary Americans or their political enemies as effeminate; subtly suggesting that they were homosexual. They used words like pink, silly, soft, hysterical, weak.

They used body terms like “cutting the umbilical cord” to Russia; suggesting the effeminate nature of the enemy. The enemy might bite into the jugular vein.

They used animal comparisons, calling the enemy rodents and rats.

They used diseases very effectively. Calling something a cancer (not like a cancer) or a virus or a disease.

They attacked tolerance. They wanted to set democracy aside for a later date when it was safe, setting aside our freedoms so that the government could protect us.

So, next time you are dismissed as having a “silly” argument, know that those are rhetorical words meant not just to flick away your complaint but also calling you to a hysterical empty-headed female.

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