Solo: A Star Wars Story: My Review

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”
Han Solo


Solo: A Star Wars Story: My Review

Solo is a fine popcorn movie for a Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed the action and humor and pacing. The only real problem with Solo is that it is buried under the weight of the universally sized franchise.

The lead actor is fine; except when you compare him to Harrison Ford. Mr. Ford is a stud and his right cross to the jaw would down any baddie. Our hero in Solo was a little guy.

It may be only me who was bothered by the cinematography. The indoor scenes, whether in a building or in a space ship, had brighter light behind the actors making it hard to see the actors. Even Film Noir would create a handy shaft of light to go across the actor’s face. Once noticed, it irked in every scene that followed.

Was using Woody Harrelson a kind of stunt casting? He was the hero for this movie with his over the top personality and obnoxious humor. We needed the laughs and the very specific acting that cleaned up a lot of scenes. Very welcome indeed.

The movie was predictable. I leaned over to my sister and said “he’ll find his girlfriend” or “it’ll be Chewbacca” and then I shut up. Anticipation can be satisfying but we also want surprises.

I asked my sister before the movie if it would be a cowboy movie or a pirate movie. The original Star Wars was pirates in space with saber duels and swinging on ropes. Solo is a cowboy movie with Woody and his gun tricks and we even had a gambler with an extra card up his sleeve.

Cowboy movies will have a sentimental hero who loves his horse. Solo borrowed some music from John Williams when he “met” the Millennium Falcon. It was a funny moment and welcome.

I’d watch it again. It was funny, had good action and moved right along.

2 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story: My Review

  1. Hubby has hesitated to go watch this, because of bad reviews. I think it’s such a huge shame. Often those high and fancy movie critics have a totally different oppinion than the rest of us.

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