The Good Witch; Season Four: My Review

“That’s the real magic, helping other people.”
Cassie Nightingale

The Good Witch; Season Four: My Review

The Good Witch just finished Season Four with its tenth episode. The final episode aired July 1, 2018. Tonight.

This show is on Hallmark and with Hallmark come all of the expectations; love, weddings, flowers, very minor drama and very pretty camera work.

The Good Witch is Cassie Nightingale and she has magic. Her daughter has magic, her sister has magic. They are of the Merriweather line of witches who live in Middleton. It has a new age flavor to it with herb tea remedies and crystals and, as ever, self-satisfied characters.

And, you might think, that it would be unbearable to watch.

Thankfully, they have a character who plays the Mayor played by Catherine Disher. She is over-the-top in contrast to the witches, she is funny, loud, selfish and sometimes snarky. This is a relief. Ms. Catherine Disher is the only actress that I’ve written a fan letter.

One thing that I appreciate about this show is that it will have several sub-plots and these all tie up nicely at the end of each show. This means that each scene is carefully plotted out and written to fit into the show. I find this very satisfying every episode.

It is Hallmark and it knows it is Hallmark and sits comfortably under the umbrella. However, it does have something often missing from the weepy wedding love stories; humor.

Tonight’s episode ended with the marriage of Cassie and Sam needing to be moved to another time. Sam asks, well, when will it be?

Cassie says, “Halloween.”

And that, is pretty darn funny!

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