Looking For My Movie

“Big girls need big diamonds.
Elizabeth Taylor

Looking For My Movie

Straight up: this is about A Little Night Music with Elizabeth Taylor.

Not all movies are great. I get that. Some movies can be personal favorites even while having a low rating and you agree that it is a crummy movie. Take Roadie, for example. It is a not a great movie but what a cast! Meatloaf, Blondie, Alice Cooper, Roy Orbison, Art Carney and Don Cornelius. It is not a great movie but it is fun to watch.

Roadie shows up on cable now and then.

Even Disney, who is pretty tight about releasing works from “the vault” have an agreement with Turner Classic Movies and you can catch some vintage animation now and then.

It could be that my movie-never-seen is really bad. Liz was not known as a singer. Stephan Sondiem writes music that is demanding. But: that doesn’t stop Sweeney Todd from being shown on cable.

For example, Pretty Women from Sweeny Todd :

Now, what we should have gotten, some real singers:

What a difference!

I’m a fan of Elizabeth Taylor. She was Cat, she rode National Velvet, she tripped me out in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Clearly an international treasure, you’d think that all of her movies would be on cable now and then. She has to have a fan base, I mean, like, Michael Jackson.

I’m a fan of the show A Little Night Music, though I have never seen it. I own the Original Broadway Cast Recording and the Original London Cast Recording and the Movie version. I sing the songs (in my car, of course) in the voices of the actors.

Where is the movie? I have never seen it offered on any of my late night cable networks. I’m looking for it! Great songs, great story, great actors but maybe it didn’t work out. Still, even then, there are plenty of reasons to still show it.

One last gasp:
Here is a Youtube clip of Send in the Clowns:

It is a mystery to me.


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