On Movements and Campaigns

“I like my whiskey old and my women young.”
Errol Flynn

On Movements and Campaigns

There have seen a bunch of Movements; women’s rights, civic rights, #metoo and many more. The thought is that there is a push for important changes. They are important but I’m not so sure about them.

Yes, women can vote. But, nowadays there is a push to overturn Roe vs Wade and right now the Trump administration is actively cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Movements can push for change but they don’t change people’s thinking.

I am totally interested in the Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaign. These guys successfully changed the way America thinks! The thought of driving after drinking is now a bad thing. It used to be a funny thing.

We see it in the movies; once upon a time a drunken character was sure to be a funny one, Fields and Dean Martin made a career out of it. Today, we kind of grimace at a drunk character — that is how powerful the work of MADD was and still is.

However they did it, they were successful. If we want to change the world, we don’t only need to change the laws; we also need to change the thinking.

Doesn’t the top quote by Errol Flynn feel totally wrong today?


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