Hey Profound Bartender – The Weekly PB&J

The News From Washington – Our Barista’s Vistas

The Weekly PB & J – The Profound Bartender and Journalism

Hey Mikey, what’s goin’ on in Washington these days?

Fella, you don’t even want to know. It’s always these slickered up politicians walkin’ around with a Bible in one hand and a girlfriend in the other that makes me grin, but that’s just me y’know. I’m a pretty irreverent guy.

Now that’s what they call irony, I reckon.

I guess we all have our temptations though, don’t we brother?  Hard for anyone to cast the first stone. Like, here I’ve got a dish in one hand here and a dish towel in the other. One dirties up, the other cleans up.

Now that’s analogy.

Here at the Profound Bartender we don’t worry about anyone’s sins. We have enough of our own to worry about.  But I have heard plenty of confessions after folks toss down a few too many.

Hey, let’s take a look at the Times and see what’s cookin’ in our nation’s capital.

I see there’s a Turkey tariff tiff taking off. A present from one turkey to another as it were. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until Thanksgiving for a little basting.  (Though I think that’s what the independent counsel is really doing with the turkey situation just now. Getting ready to carve, I think.)

Gobble, gobble.

Ahhhh….now they’re using drones to carry out attacks.  Soon we’ll be getting drone fly-bys.  Maverick never shook the tower like Amazon package drops will.

Well, looks like Facebook just banned one of those conspiracy sites. We are a-political here at PB&J, but we don’t like mean-spirited bullying. We are also First Amendment freedom-of-speechers.

Now that’s a dilemma.

I do see some of those those fake news sites are using a new journalistic motto.  Instead of “All the news that’s fit to print”, theirs is “All the news that’s counterfeit.”

Wow – big news! The Vice-President said we’re going to get a new Space Force.  Very exciting Will Robinson. (But, I do wonder what the tariffs will be on Spacely Sprockets.)

A space force?  Well, that does seem pretty high falutin’ here at the Profound Bartender.  We’d be happy in our little town with just some more free parking around here for guys like you.  Now that would be a space source.

That’s what we really need.

How do I know?

I’m a bartender.

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