Adult Gamers

“The social element has really transformed the gaming experience.”
Robert Kotick

Adult Gamers

I began playing online games in 2007, eleven years ago. At the time gaming was hit hard with a stereotype: loser, plays in mom’s basement, male. Online games were for kids, snot-nosed teenagers who were toxic in their behavior.

If any bad thing happened to or with a gamer, it was the fault of the game and the story would be a headline. Almost as if society did not want people to play games. Stories of predators would make you think that every one else that you met must be trying to con you or your daughter.

And … it wasn’t true.

I was there. I was playing. The people that I met were people who played after work, after dinner and after doing their chores. Some didn’t like television but more wanted to explore a fantasy world to see what it was like.

I met women and men, then and now. It feels like it is the same demographic. Easily 90% of the gamers are common everyday people, probably more like 99%. Then, I sort of resented the attitude and stereotype because I felt that talent and reality shows were really dumb, yet “those who judged” were the people watching those shows.

The attitudes have changed for the better. I guess it is because people are willfully bingeing on Netflix and don’t feel the need to point fingers. Those that say that gaming is a waste of time seem to be gone as they sink into mediocre series on the boob tube.

When the high school shootings happened this year, Donald Trump tried to blame video games. This baffled everyone, studies had been done long ago and no connection has ever been found. It felt random and desperate by Mr. Trump.

I was asked by my fellow gamers recently why I raided on two teams when I had no chance at extra loot. My answer was easy, “It’s the people”.

Sometimes I think that it is all a waste of time and that is the entire point.

One thought on “Adult Gamers

  1. Just like Dara O Briain says – “Its the largest intertainment industry in the world, and we are supposed to not enjoy it! ”

    Best ever. I linked it before, but I love it, hah.

    I do find it entertaining a bit, that people say its a waste of time, yet watching a show on Netflix is not considered a waste of time! At least we use our brain a lot when playing the “right” game!

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