Improving Your Character

“I’m not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: ‘live-acy.’ I’m more interested in living.”
John Glenn

Improving Your Character

On the surface, the World of Warcraft is a game of dragons and warriors with magic and spells and curses. Sometimes we do kill a dragon and good triumphs over evil; until the next patch or expansion.

The daily life of a player is really spent on improving one’s character. Starting from a level one and working up to one hundred and twenty, players spend time amassing gold, collecting titles, acquiring gear and doing achievements.

The parallel to real life is right in front of us. All we work on, or play at, is improving our character. Gladly, life is as fun as playing a game. All of our investment of time and money to get a house or a degree or a car are the rewards of our work. Hopefully it is fun to do. Hopefully you like your guild mates and your role.

While the game and life is more than happy to give you more and more to do; at some point you can feel like you have arrived. Chasing the same carrot, whether it is a dragon or a job title, we have to be happy with our results. Even admire ourselves for all that we have done in the game and in life.

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