The Torture of Writing

I hate writing. I love having written.”
Dorothy Parker

The Torture of Writing

Dorothy Parker said that she couldn’t write five words without changing seven. Writing as a process is a tough one because you want to get your message out there but you have to find the right words.

Lord have mercy, there are a lot of words. Words that can give nuance and weight but can also act like grease to make the ride flow smoothly. Tripping up a reader by tossing out fancy words isn’t worth it if you are showing off your dictionary.

In blogging, we don’t worry too much about finding the perfect word too often. It is a kind of genre writing that at its most basic is about putting your stuff out there for people to read. Starting with a keyboard to end with a person on the other end drifting through your thoughts with you is the point of blogging.

I will read your pain with you. If you must put it out there and I land on your posting, I promise that I will read it all of the way to the end. If someone is suffering, how can you look away?

It is hard to put yourself out there. I vow to respect that.

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