Christmas Morn, Mourn, and More’n

We started The Profound Bartender a little over a year ago and it has been such a kick. My brother David has made by far the most posts and it has been wonderful to read his writing and his thoughts avout such a range of topics.

This was originally posted a year ago on Christmas day.

Faith, hope, and love to all.

The Profound Bartender

“One cannot imagine a world in which there is nothing but language and speech,

but one can imagine a world where there is nothing but silence.’

~Max Picard, The World of Silence, p. 17

It’s early Christmas morn. Silence. Dark throughout the house. Outside the slow crunch of four tires atop the fresh, soft, white snow. The only sound.

I love this quiet moment.

After the music, the lights, the pageantry, the message, the welcome, the community – this is the time of shekhinah, of the sacrament of the present moment. Of oneness and peace.  Of emptiness and fullness.

For some this year, and perhaps every year, it’s also Christmas mourn.  A difficult time of year. Of loss. For others, Christmastime is more’n the rest of the year put together.  A time of overflowing.  Of joy.

As life changes, next year those roles might be reversed.

But really, don’t…

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