Hopping in the Snow

“There is an element of truth in every idea that lasts long enough to be called corny.”
Irving Berlin

Hopping in the Snow

I was reading Finding Center by Kelly Anderson on the Profound Living website and, sure enough, it made me think.

Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas in his back yard in Palm Springs, California. We’re pretty sure that it was a nice sunny afternoon and that he had a tall glass of iced tea on the table.

Rejecting the cynic in me, I really do believe that he wanted something just like the ones he used to know; sleigh bells in the snow and all that nostalgia. What a great song, it doesn’t feel dated even though I have never heard a sleigh bell.

This past week, it has snowed a lot for our region. All week the temps have been in the mid-20s. It is brrrr-cold! But that won’t stop me, I have to get out of this stuffy apartment!

I am aware of my age and bones and slippery feet. As Kelly Anderson says, “But on ice, when one false move might throw off my equilibrium and leave me sprawled on the very hard ground, I focus on each step.” Is it foolish to hope that I fall on my butt?

I bundle up with a sweatshirt and a big coat and scarf. My goal is the local convenience store down the street and then up on the corner. And then to make it back!

What I like to do is, when I’m on my return route, is that I step to the side of my tracks from when I went the first time. This way it looks like someone was hopping all the way to the store.

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