The Oscars: 2019

“Hosting the Oscars is much like making love to a woman. It’s something I only get to do when Billy Crystal is out of town.”
Steve Martin

The Oscars: 2019

Did you have a good time? I sure enjoyed watching the awards ceremony. This viewer is an easy mark, I feel good for everyone who wins.

The world needs Melissa McCarthy.

Let us hope that the Oscar’s continue with no host. This year the ceremony seemed to zip right along. I am pleased the Academy agreed to show all the awards rather than their first plan to give some “lesser” awards during commercials.

Cheers to Regina King. I became a fan while she did some dopey movies like the Hillary Duff Cinderella Story and Miss Congeniality 2. She can be a fierce and straight-forward actress but she can be really funny too. Her guest stints on The Big Bang Theory always stand out. Ms. King brought her mom to the ceremony, y’gotta love her.

Of course, we have to talk about Lady Gaga. Pleased to see her win an Oscar, I was equally pleased at Bradley Cooper’s generosity in their duet; giving her full focus and letting her shine. A little bit of class on Bradley’s part and we thank him.

Spike Lee is Spike Lee. He won an award and I wanted him to get a win, he’s been working a long time and doing original work. But, he’s an asshole too, trying to walk out when Green Book won best movie. He may be talented but he’s got no class.

What I want to see, and I think all of us want to see, is our favorite actors having grace, style and generosity. Like Chris Evans leaping up to help Regina King up the stairs when she was having problems with her dress. We need to see the losers applaud the winners; when will Amy Adams ever win her award — six nominations! And we need to see the winners nod to the others in their category. Respect, I tell ya!

Politics will always be at play. Whether it is in the voting (and the voting campaign drive by the movies in the industry) or world politics, put a mic up in front of an audience anywhere and words will be spoken. I accept it.

People put good work out there. I have my favorites. You do too. They don’t always win or even get nominated. Still, the Oscars are the big show and they are fun to watch.

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