News Junkie

“Get a good night’s rest. Have a good breakfast. Don’t lie to the FBI.”
Chuck Rosenberg

News Junkie

When Trump got elected I became a news junkie. What prompted it, I think, was that while he was on the campaign trail that he suggested the “second amendment solution” for Ms. Clinton. He was telling his base to go shoot Hillary with a gun. He was speaking in code, I guess.

Being a news junkie has a lot of ups and downs because it changes everyday. It is an odd blend of terror and satisfaction, these things do not blend well! What will happen tomorrow?

In general, I think that the panel shows are garbage; it is not news now, it is opinion. I also wish that Ronald Reagan had not taken away the Fairness Doctrine. There is a screaming headline entertainment factor that never satisfies.

A very good thing happened for me the other night.

I’m sure you remember that Roger Ailes insisted that all the female announcers for Fox wear skirts to work. He is long gone and disgraced but the workers still wear skirts and sit on couches to show their legs off which makes me totally uncomfortable knowing the context.

The really good thing was watching Rachel Maddow with a guest named Joyce Vance. The camera caught a side shot of her and she is not “tv skinny”. This is the thing: she is a real person. We almost never see real people on television, think about it.

My favorite real people are all former prosecutors for the federal government: Joyce Vance, Barbara McQuade and Chuck Rosenberg. I feel delight and am refreshed to see them. They are on shows for their expertise in law.

The contrast is striking. There are professionals who make the rounds and you could easily imagine them saying, “Y’know, I can sing and dance too.”

Hehe, I’m done gossiping now!

2 thoughts on “News Junkie

  1. When things like the Fairness Doctrine, Citizens United, even the loss of net neutrality change the game to favor the richest, most powerful, and the loudest; and when the glamor, glitter, and, dress apparel are more important than substance and real dialogue and in-depth reporting (note….old shows like Firing Line, Meet The Press, See It Now) then civil discourse and thoughtful decision-making suffer.

    Nice piece Kubla.

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