Dirty Underwear

black and white clean housework launderette
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com


Dirty underwear

Socks, shirts, pants, strewn all around

Alas, hard to keep clean.

~Michael Kroth, Haiku

We live in such a throw away society. A consumption society. A care-less society. It is difficult to watch the oceans fill with plastic and the impact of our litter on innocent animals, plants, and people. Much has been said about this, a little and a little more and a little more has been done.

Will it be enough?

I do not know.

I have written my lament already, And The Mountains Will Be Barren.  I believe the politicians who could do so much to facilitate the research and the policies that could help us avert or mitigate this impending (actually, current) disaster, but won’t, will wait until their states are flooded or deserts and their voters are crying out before acting.

We do live in a consumption, care-less, throw-away society. Sacrifice has given way to immediate satisfaction. To our detriment and probable demise.

I am not a disciplined person, and certainly not as disciplined at my best than some of the people I admire when they are at their worst.  I know that making the bed in the morning, and keeping things neat and tidy and clean make the rest of the day so much better. But I’m only semi-disciplined. Semi-sacrificial. But I’m trying. And I’m getting better.

The longer we wait to fully engage in taking care of our planet, the more dire the consequences, the more draconian the sacrifices will be.

Time to start leaders-who-are-waiting-for-homes-to-be-flooded. Now.

Your dirty underwear is showing.

Here I read just a piece of And the Mountains Will Be Barren: Reading: And The Mountains Will Be Barren.

And The Mountains Will Be Barren



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