The Avengers: 22

“You know for the longest time I dreamed about coming overseas and be on the front lines. Serving my country. I finally get everything I wanted, and I’m wearing tights.”
Captain America

The Avengers: 22

It was quite the ride, the story arc spanned twenty-two movies over eleven years. Box office records are shattered. As much as Hollywood might want it, it won’t ever be repeated at this level again.

The story began and ended with Tony Stark, “I am Ironman”. The energy of the actor and the character drove all of the movies. The others were good, very good, but it was the first that set the standard so we could be excited about the next and the next and the next.

The best money spent had to have been on Jeff Bridges. The first movie had to have a great bad guy and you can count on Jeff to deliver. We grew up with Jeff, he is a well-known guy. Dang he was good in that part!

Ironman got the most movies and appearances. Then comes Thor and then Captain America. These guys are spread thickly through the franchise. Sure, a movie like Doctor Strange stands on its own. By my count, Ironman was in eight of the twenty-two, he was the face of the franchise.

I felt that Black Widow was under-used. Her high point was in the Avengers movie when she questions Loki and gets the information. Interrogation, smarts, guile, wily; these are all as good as shooting a pistol. She will get her own flick, I hope they play up to her smarts and skills as an assassin.

It is a successful franchise. Everyone made truck-loads of money. They are set for life. I was happy to spend my money, I had a great ride!

This is the right place at the right time. CGI advances can make people look young or like they are flying easily. These comic book characters go back a hundred years. We knew them before they showed up and applauded when they did.

But most of all. It was fun.

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