Hey Profound Bartender – The Weekly PB&J

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The News From Washington – Our Barista’s Vistas

The Weekly PB & J – The Profound Bartender and Journalism

Hey Mikey, what’s goin’ on in Washington these days?

Fella, you don’t even want to know. It’s just getting’ mean, y’know? The other day one senator said to another senator, “Hey, vote your conscience on this one, OK?” And the other guy said, “Conscience, what’s that, I vote to get votes?” No surprise.

Anyways, it was just another week in D.C.  It’s been cold, mighty cold. Even our beer here at Mike and Dave’s is getting a little cold. Fair weather flagons.  Hey, that’s a Profound Bartender joke bud!  (laughs)

Cold, ha!

But not too cold for folks to find plenty of mud to play in.  Yeah, even the White House is starting to look dirty. The house.  Yeah, the People’s House (as if…). They just can’t keep it clean.  Hosed it down. New coat of paint. Still filthy dirty.  It’s like sludge just lives inside the place.  OK, yeah and out too. Ustabe pristine. At least dust-off-able.  Not sure they’ll ever get the Prez’ rez from being a mezz again.  It’s definitely mezzed up.

But enough about paint jobs. Lots going on in the big cap last week.  The Prez said he’d take info about a political opponent from a foreign government.  Why not?

Hardly anyone from his party disagreed with him.

Well, I guess none of that’s really news.

Hmmm….well, folks from the government said the Prez’ advisor should be fired for politicking on the job.  The Man said he wasn’t going to fire her.

No one I know of from his party called him out on it.

Well, I guess none of that’s really news.

Actually, bud, I don’t think there is any news from the big W this week.

Wait!  Did you hear the thunder, lightning, volcano, earthquake a couple days ago?


Well, it happened when a Dem from the House and a Rep from the Senate, agreed to work across party lines on a bill. Together. To ban former members of Congress from lobbying Congress.

Now THAT was news.

Astonishing really, like seeing the rare cuckatoo once every 56 years in the South American rain forest. Or a St. Louis Blues championship.

If it actually passes Congress and it signed into law by our dear Prez that’ll be more than news, now that’ll be a miracle.

How do I know?

I’m a bartender.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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