Hey Profound Bartender – Your Kinda Weekly PB&J – 7-20-19

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Your Kinda Weekly PB & J – The Profound Bartender and Journalism

“Not Real Journalism. Or News. Just Chatting It Up.

Hey Mikey, whatcha got on tap today?

Well bud, like usual I’ve got the PBR, the Hamm’s, and the Schlitz. I got the Miller Lite, but for some reason lately it tastes great but is less filling.  But I’m also trying out some-a that new craft beer.  This week we’ve got something called Pigtail Pelosi.  It’s one-a those kinda citrusy ones, smooth but with a kick.  Assertive, powerful, and intense.  And we have this oldie, the McConnell Stout.  It’s a dark, mellow ale, aged in bourbon barrels. Like a taste?  Here ya go.  Oh, and this week we have a Lizzie Phizzy.  It’s a Massachusetts beer.  I didn’t even know those folks knew anything about craft beers, but this is more like a seltzer. Lots of carbonation.  High in content, low on flavor, sadly. Made up originally in some of those Harvard students’ dorm rooms I hear. Annndddd…I just got this Lindsey Hop in this morning.  It’s a pale ale, but – like the Marco and Ted’s Beer Adventure we had here last week – it has a kind of cloying, nutty flavor. Adventure and the Hop do have their fans though, I’ll admit, so I imagine we’ll keep bringing them back.

What’ll you have?  Coors in a banquet can?  Nice.

Y’hear about The Squad getting ripped by yer Prez?  Missed that?  Not sure how or why but he wants to send them back.  I assume he means back to Congress, cuz they are kicking it.  And AOC (you know you’ve got something going when they know you by your initials – JFK, FDR, GAGA), she is making This Land Is Your Land, that old song by Woody Guthrie, the defacto Democratic Party’s anthem.  Love it. We’ll see where it goes. Even I can sing along with that.

Finally, did you hear about the huge earthquakes in California?  Scary, scary.  So sad.  But there was an even bigger quake in Congress this week.  A handful of Republicans voted to condemn the Prez’ rhetoric, and even a GOP U.S.Senator chastised him.  Huge. Mindboggling. Rare.  The rest are drinking that McConnell Stout I think.

There will be more before all this is over.

How do I know?

I’m a bartender.

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