That’s all one needs to know

assorted cars parked near trees
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I am surrounded by

Broken dreams

By labors mean

and daily scream


I find peace these days in little bits

Pieces of days, splinters of minutes, a snap of time



Well…there it was.


I find peace now in tiny scraps

Of life between the cracks.


I am surrounded

Encompassed, immersed, saturated

With life’s junk yard

A trove of this and that

A panoply of that and this


I’d never trade these parts of cars,

these scars.


What do I surround others with

Those with broken dreams,

Labors mean,

Daily scream?


Not wealth

For I have none

Not approbation

Which fades like summer flowers

Not this or that

Or that or this


Inside every shattered

Dream, comes a morning

With a sun that rises,

Winds that touch us softly

The smell of spring a’ comin’


The sound of children in front yards



Parts and pieces that fit together

each day

in new ways


And that’s all one needs to know.


vintage car parked besides green plants
Photo by Pamela Marie on

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