Serious as Susan Sontag

“Meekness: Uncommon patience in planning a revenge that is worth while.”
Ambrose Bierce

Serious as Susan Sontag

Living the profound life is serious business. It comes from a respect for the world around us. Respect for the craft, the lyric, the music, the food, the words, the painting, the conversation. Respect to give weight to the matter at hand, no matter how trivial because someone at sometime made an effort to create. That deserves respect and a serious look and listen.

Laughter is important too. It adds time to your life. Benjamin Franklin was a serious guy and a great thinker but he was a funny guy too. Same with Mark Twain. Humor gives us perspective, especially when we take ourselves too seriously! Laughing out loud might be the most healthy thing that I do.

Comedians deserve a serious listen. They have honed and crafted their timing and material for years. They have measured themselves against audiences that have to be won over every night. Appreciate their skills as much as their jokes, watch how they set it up and then hit it home. Laugh along too. From Jack Benny to Richard Pryor to Amy Schumer to Wanda Sykes; skilled craftsmen who can make you laugh some life back into yourself.

Laughter is serious business, go get some!

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