Killer Teachers

Everybody run
The homecoming queen’s got a gun

Julie Brown

Killer Teachers

Today’s date is February 23, 2018

Kids are showing up at schools with guns that shoot a lot of bullets. Today, the United States of America is under the dark cloud of another shooting in Florida. We look to our leaders for direction.

One thing being offered as a solution by our leaders is to arm the teachers. My best teachers in school were so lost in their noodles that they couldn’t find their car keys. With a family loaded with teachers, I can’t imagine my grandpa, my dad, my mom, my brother or me with a loaded gun in the classroom.

Some imagine that ex-marine who is now a teacher but that is so rare that it is a poof of imagination. As a generalization, people who go into teaching are the opposite of people who go into police work; even though both are dedicated to serving the community. All are heroes.

There is action with the mental health ideas. Making databases so sellers would know who is unfit to buy a gun; ignoring that 300,000,000 guns are already drenching our country. When it comes to mental health issues in the United States, I usually blame Ronald Reagan.

I don’t like the idea of mental health data bases. It feels too Orwellian. I don’t know who gets to decide who is fit or how easy it is to get flagged and dropped into a data base that will, eventually, be international. The power of that data base that decides what I get to do is some scary stuff! Flagged for life, imagine that. Mental Health is too vague to have such strength in accusation for a population of people.

One thing not discussed is the glorification of the shooters. Our over-charged media take the blame for that one. The newscasters were in awe of the Columbine shooters and made them cool. The long coats, the planning, the style and execution of the plan was all reported with amazement. No one called them chickenshits or cowards or anything really negative; remember that?

The live on-the-air shooting of a newscaster got very little glorification. As a observer, I wonder if they should treat these shootings like Los Angeles did with car chases. Once upon a time, all news coverage would stop when there was a car chase being followed by news helicopters. The number of car chases sky-rocketed! Finally, the reporting strategy changed and they dropped back down to rare.

Noting today’s date, no one on the news on any station; right, left or middle is asking the NRA about how the Russians are involved with them. We know that tens of millions flowed through the NRA from Russian during the Trump Campaign. Yet, we watch the NRA take the stage and pronounce about their patriotism and zeal for the second amendment. Who is doing the talking?

I’d like to see a gun sweep in America. If you own a gun, you have to be part of a “well-regulated Militia”. Regulate the guns, it is the American thing to do. Own a gun, join a Militia as defined by our government: not defined in Jake’s Bar and Gun Shop.

Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992)
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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