Starting the Journey


“For millennia, [the] cry of the heart for embarking upon a meaningful journey has been answered by pilgrimage, a transformative journey to a sacred center.”

~Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s guide to Making Travel Sacred, p. xxv


I am, for the most part, taking this summer off from work.  Theoretically, this is one of the reasons people decide to become teachers but, if memory serves, other than the year I took my sabbatical this will be the first summer I have not taught classes since I began professoring in 2005. The reason for that is simple, we needed the money.

This year we can also use the money but something more important is looming, let’s say moving inexorably, in my life. I am getting older. My future summers are numbered. The last one, while hopefully decades rather than just years away, is in my viewfinder. I turn 66 this September and it’s time to live it up.  To kick up my heels, let my hair down, do the macarena. Learn to yodel. Become a drummer in a boy (ahem…) band.

I will take a long drive somewhere.

The drive, I know not where, will be close by, just a day or two away. In the years we have lived in Boise we have seen little of this beautiful state and region of our country. I will see more this summer.

I will be doing some work this summer, after all. I have a research project and will be doing some writing. My research partner and I want to learn more about profound learning and living.

One way to learn, I think, will be to take that drive.


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3 thoughts on “Starting the Journey

  1. I’d go for the food in some town that is known for that food!
    Best steak in Idaho:

    With a long reputation for plate-sized, perfectly cooked steaks that will rock your meat-loving world and a cult following that brings people from all over the country, the Wolf Lodge is ready to make your carnivore dreams come true even outside of summer grilling season.

    Address: Wolf Lodge – 11741 E Frontage Rd. Coeur D Alene, ID 83814


  2. Not a bad idea! It’s a beautiful drive up there and I haven’t eaten there. I do want to explore some parts of the state and NW we haven’t been to yet. There is an old brothel of there somewhere, maybe that will fill the pilgrimage part of the journey as I’ve never been to one. No?

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    1. In January of 1988, a house of ill repute in the northern Idaho mining town of Wallace got a tip that the law was coming in for a raid. The staff skedaddled in no time flat, leaving all their belongings behind. The Oasis Bordello Museum has remained a time capsule from that day in the late 1980s, with everyday items from the era—e.g. vintage bottles of Lavoris mouthwash, a Space Invaders cartridge for the madam’s Atari home gaming system, and cassette tapes of such ’80s mainstay musical artists as Lionel Richie and Tina Turner—mixed among the brothel-specific memorabilia (such as a healthy supply of red light bulbs).


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