Haiku Narratives: Monthly Discussion

Each month, two friends and I share a haiku we have written with each other. We each write a narrative about each of the three haikus, and then we meet to read what we've written. This is such an enjoyable and meaningful process. And above all, it is a learning process, played out individually and … Continue reading Haiku Narratives: Monthly Discussion

Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

  Rotate Methodist You get: tisdohteM. Oddly Still, it's all the same. Source Of All Blessings   You bless us with churches and schools and hospitals, our sources of faith, learning, and care in good times and bad, in stability and in chaos. Their form might change, their delivery of love, and lessons, and caregiving … Continue reading Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

Our New Book – Profound Living: Essays, Images, and Poetry

Our new book, Profound Living: Essays, Images, and Poetry is now published. It has essays from yours truly, co-authors Kelly Anderson and Davin Carr-Chellman, and Vincent J Fortunato; and beautiful images by Vincent, Antonia Cardella, and Marc Christensen. The cover was designed by Heather Barrett. It was such a pleasure to work with these folks … Continue reading Our New Book – Profound Living: Essays, Images, and Poetry

Luddite Foresight: Metaskills for Meeting Change

I have a toilet handle I can’t figure out how to fix. It’s loose, I fully expect it to fall apart at some embarrassing moment (when, say, the royal family is visiting), and a plumber could probably pull out a whatsis wrench and have it in working order within 60 seconds. But not me. I … Continue reading Luddite Foresight: Metaskills for Meeting Change

My Morning Whatchamacallit

Yesterday, I received Gunilla Norris’ new book, Great Love In Little Ways: Reflections On The Power Of Kindness, This morning I read her first reflection, “The Sunshine In Your Face”. A representative quotation from that piece is: When two people genuinely smile on one another, they create a mutual radiance. Imagine what this might be … Continue reading My Morning Whatchamacallit

Blogging: Kids with Crayons

"Generally speaking, everyone is more interesting doing nothing than doing anything." Gertrude Stein Blogging: Kids with Crayons How cool would it be if your favorite authors were bloggers? Imagine Mark Twain describing golf as a good walk ruined. What did Charles Dickens have for breakfast? Did Ben Franklin fret over inventing bifocals? Of course, they'd … Continue reading Blogging: Kids with Crayons