Our New Book – Profound Living: Essays, Images, and Poetry

Our new book, Profound Living: Essays, Images, and Poetry is now published. It has essays from yours truly, co-authors Kelly Anderson and Davin Carr-Chellman, and Vincent J Fortunato; and beautiful images by Vincent, Antonia Cardella, and Marc Christensen. The cover was designed by Heather Barrett. It was such a pleasure to work with these folks … Continue reading Our New Book – Profound Living: Essays, Images, and Poetry

Luddite Foresight: Metaskills for Meeting Change

I have a toilet handle I can’t figure out how to fix. It’s loose, I fully expect it to fall apart at some embarrassing moment (when, say, the royal family is visiting), and a plumber could probably pull out a whatsis wrench and have it in working order within 60 seconds. But not me. I … Continue reading Luddite Foresight: Metaskills for Meeting Change

My Morning Whatchamacallit

Yesterday, I received Gunilla Norris’ new book, Great Love In Little Ways: Reflections On The Power Of Kindness, This morning I read her first reflection, “The Sunshine In Your Face”. A representative quotation from that piece is: When two people genuinely smile on one another, they create a mutual radiance. Imagine what this might be … Continue reading My Morning Whatchamacallit

Blogging: Kids with Crayons

"Generally speaking, everyone is more interesting doing nothing than doing anything." Gertrude Stein Blogging: Kids with Crayons How cool would it be if your favorite authors were bloggers? Imagine Mark Twain describing golf as a good walk ruined. What did Charles Dickens have for breakfast? Did Ben Franklin fret over inventing bifocals? Of course, they'd … Continue reading Blogging: Kids with Crayons