Veggie Soup

“I can pick good food, but I can’t pick a good man.”
Debbie Reynolds

Veggie Soup

Take a can of white hominy, drain it and dump into the crockpot.
Same with a can of green beans.
This time I used a can of broth.
Three skinny carrots, chopped up.
Three celery stalks chopped up.
A bunch of garlic cloves, chopped up.
One white onion, chopped up.
The brussels sprouts looked fresh and tempting at the store, toss six of those in.
Use plenty of black pepper.
Add plenty of curry powder.
Add some water.

Do all of this at 8am. Expect to eat around 6pm.

It is as simple as it can possibly get.

At about 10am, you’ll start to smell the curry.
At about 12pm, you’ll start to smell the garlic.

I tossed a very small handful of Fritos in the bowl and spooned the soup over it and ate it up! Tomorrow, I’ll likely add some shaved parmesan flakes for color and flavor.

This will feed me for about three or four days. The anticipation to eat today was wonderful to experience. I would hope the same for you, do some long time cooking and smell it all day long.

Here’s the deal, I know when I’m eating well. If my trash bag is light weight, then I’m eating too much processed food. If it is heavy with potato peels, egg shells and no boxes at all, then I’m doing well.

I hope the same for you. It costs nothing. It takes no time. It is a good experience.

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