Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

nativity painting of people inside a dome
This is Raphael’s School of Athens. The original is located in the Vatican. Photo by Pixabay on


Rotate Methodist

You get: tisdohteM. Oddly

Still, it’s all the same.

Source Of All Blessings


You bless us

with churches and schools and hospitals,

our sources of faith, learning, and care

in good times and bad, in stability and in chaos.

Their form might change, their delivery

of love, and lessons, and caregiving

might morph, evolve, or re-make.

Their purpose and their substance



May I deepen my purpose and substance

in trying times, while adapting in

loving, learning, caring

ways along the way.


Thank you for beauty when times seem ugly

For hope when hope seems but an illusion

For love when people need it the most.*


*Thanks to Br. David Steindl-Rast for the inspiration and the format for this, from his wonderful book, 99 Blessings.

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