Haiku Narratives: Monthly Discussion

Each month, two friends and I share a haiku we have written with each other. We each write a narrative about each of the three haikus, and then we meet to read what we've written. This is such an enjoyable and meaningful process. And above all, it is a learning process, played out individually and … Continue reading Haiku Narratives: Monthly Discussion

We Are Blessed With Humor

I am too prideful Monday I lost seven pounds Tuesday I found them   Source Of All Blessings   You bless us With humor - ours and others'. Laughter at ourselves, our predicaments, Our foibles. Laughter at our situation, its dangers, Its ludicrousness, With guffaws, chuckles, winces We physically relax and let go. Our worries … Continue reading We Are Blessed With Humor

Thank You For The Lessons Of Life

  Stay with me a bit, hummingbird so beautiful. Stay. My heart still smiles.     Source Of All Blessings   You bless us with long lines and waiting to teach us patience, with uncertainty to teach us humility, with isolation to teach us contemplation and the time to watch hummingbirds come and go and … Continue reading Thank You For The Lessons Of Life

Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

  Rotate Methodist You get: tisdohteM. Oddly Still, it's all the same. Source Of All Blessings   You bless us with churches and schools and hospitals, our sources of faith, learning, and care in good times and bad, in stability and in chaos. Their form might change, their delivery of love, and lessons, and caregiving … Continue reading Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

Growing Up In Kansas

An old, red brick house Sitting small on scrabbley grass It was home to me Source Of All Blessings   You bless us with time to reconnect to self, family, Friends, purpose, and meaning.   May I fill this lacuna with memories, reflections, insight love, generosity, and renewed¬†commitment to spending more of my life doing … Continue reading Growing Up In Kansas

Entering Into Spring

Anxiety, fears Three birds wing by, silhouettes now my mind is clear Two geese pace. They walk Our neighbor's driveway their pond entering into spring Nest sitting alone Branches bare, solitary The leaves are coming Grasses' birth canal Roots in utero-cycling Pushing from Earth's womb The morning birds sing spring buds on empty branches hope … Continue reading Entering Into Spring

In This Crucible Of Life And Death

Generosity Compassion and gratitude and loving kindness     Source of all blessings   You bless us with shelter, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual when the winds of the world beat down when the storms of plague steal into the night looking for us.   May I recognize God's hand May I grasp Your divine arm, … Continue reading In This Crucible Of Life And Death