Thank You For The Lessons Of Life

silhouette of people in queue
Photo by Marcos Araujo on


Stay with me a bit,

hummingbird so beautiful.

Stay. My heart still smiles.



Source Of All Blessings


You bless us

with long lines and waiting

to teach us patience,

with uncertainty

to teach us humility,

with isolation

to teach us contemplation

and the time

to watch hummingbirds

come and go

and come and go.


May we take these unwanted gifts

and more

as the opportunities they are.


Thank you for the lessons of life.

May we be worthy students.*


*Thanks to Br. David Steindl-Rast for the inspiration and the format for this, from his wonderful book, 99 Blessings.

brown hummingbird selective focus photography
Photo by Philippe Donn on

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