In This Crucible Of Life And Death


Compassion and gratitude

and loving kindness



Source of all blessings


You bless us with shelter,

physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

when the winds of the world beat down

when the storms of plague steal into the night

looking for us.


May I recognize God’s hand

May I grasp Your divine arm,

Take Your embrace

as I weep for loss

and also cry out with joy

for the unearned

gifts in my life.


Thank you for giving me this

container, God,

within which all my weaknesses

and strengths

swirl round

remolding me


through time, trial, and error.


May I continue

over the rest of my life

to learn more

to do better

to be better

in this crucible

of life and death.


To be more generous

to develop more compassion

to be more grateful

and to share more loving kindness.*


*Thanks to Br. David Steindl-Rast for the inspiration and the format for this, from his wonderful book, 99 Blessings.

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