Haiku Narratives: Monthly Discussion

Each month, two friends and I share a haiku we have written with each other. We each write a narrative about each of the three haikus, and then we meet to read what we've written. This is such an enjoyable and meaningful process. And above all, it is a learning process, played out individually and … Continue reading Haiku Narratives: Monthly Discussion

Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

  Rotate Methodist You get: tisdohteM. Oddly Still, it's all the same. Source Of All Blessings   You bless us with churches and schools and hospitals, our sources of faith, learning, and care in good times and bad, in stability and in chaos. Their form might change, their delivery of love, and lessons, and caregiving … Continue reading Form, Delivery, Purpose, Substance

Entering Into Spring

Anxiety, fears Three birds wing by, silhouettes now my mind is clear Two geese pace. They walk Our neighbor's driveway their pond entering into spring Nest sitting alone Branches bare, solitary The leaves are coming Grasses' birth canal Roots in utero-cycling Pushing from Earth's womb The morning birds sing spring buds on empty branches hope … Continue reading Entering Into Spring

May I Greet Each Day Like Opening Night

Sitting alonely My breath becomes my only One-with-all, wholly   Source of all blessings You bless us with red, rich wine and friendly puppies, Birds who sing in mornings and ministers for mournings. Thank you for all gifts unearned and earned alike, Even the gifts, unbidden, of suffering and sacrifice. You bless us with Love, … Continue reading May I Greet Each Day Like Opening Night

I Owe Ten Thousand Tears

I owe ten thousand  Tears for ten thousand species Extinctified. Gone.   Source of all blessings you bless us with change we did not seek or want. You push us out of our ruts and comfort and ask us to learn and adapt and grow and question and survive and to thrive and to appreciate … Continue reading I Owe Ten Thousand Tears

Here, There, Everywhere – Playing Around With Words

There’s nothing more profound Than a woman who's ungowned There’s something sadly funny About a picture of my tummy.   Here’s a one-word mystery Why's there no book of kisstory? Here’s a five-word line endeavor Clever? Me? Never!   Everywhere’s such a drag For mystics to claim and brag Everywhere is nowhere, so they say … Continue reading Here, There, Everywhere – Playing Around With Words

Breaking the Rules (Written or Otherwise): Dead Poet’s Society Re-Viewed

    Professor Keating surely pushed the boundaries at Welton Academy, didn’t he? We all know this story, don’t we?  It’s fictional, found in the movie The Dead Poet’s Society, but in it we see the courage of teachers who will simply not be confined to soul-sucking constraints, mustn’t we?.  Welton is conservative, it’s a … Continue reading Breaking the Rules (Written or Otherwise): Dead Poet’s Society Re-Viewed