Here, There, Everywhere – Playing Around With Words

photo of eyeglasses on top of the book
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There’s nothing more profound

Than a woman who’s ungowned

There’s something sadly funny

About a picture of my tummy.


Here’s a one-word mystery

Why’s there no book of kisstory?

Here’s a five-word line endeavor

Clever? Me? Never!


Everywhere’s such a drag

For mystics to claim and brag

Everywhere is nowhere, so they say



Up upon majestic mountain

Clouds swirl, a rainstorm’s mountin’

Down on the peak’s upper floor

I wouldn’t doubt if bears, like us, still snore


There’s nothing more profound

Beyond within words used unbound

There’s something to be savored

In persiflage behavior


Adverbs of place are useful

Inside a poem or out

But nothing beats an active verb

They just don’t. So scram.

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