How to be a Great Student: Part One

It’s that time of year, and time for a refresher.

The Profound Bartender

“A student of life considers the world a classroom.”
Harvey Mackay

How to be a Great Student: Part One

Get a good seat for the show.

This is part of a series, click the tag: Be a Good Student for more.

In the 1970s, video cameras became available as a tool in the universities. Researchers quickly turned the camera on the classroom.

They found that a teacher teaches the first two rows and the two rows down the middle in a classroom. From the teacher’s point of view, it would look like an inverted T. This is not deliberate, this is human nature when facing a classroom of rows and columns. They naturally give the vast bulk of their attention to these parts of a class.

Teachers know this and try to widen their focus but it is unnatural. It is a hard T to break, I used to pace…

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