Nurture Nature

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I love our country more than I can say. Our freedoms, quality of life, creative psyche, generous spirit, rich variety of culture and views make the United States a cherished home.

But nations are political, humanly-defined constructions that change with circumstances, power, technology, demographics, economics, yes politics, and even bad luck. Sometimes they are affected more by the people who don’t vote than by those who do. Nations are transitory in nature. They are not eternal, not infinite. They come and they go, as will ours.

Earth, however, will be here long after nations. It is the home of all living things. Destroy our ability to live here – by destroying our climate in any number of ways – and it really won’t matter what happens to economies, political systems, or national borders, which are all relatively short-term situations anyway.

The Earth, seemingly imperturbable amidst all that we, the hoi polloi, the ones-who-have-been-gifted by her, might do to her, is actually in a state of continual perturbation. The scale is both so massive and simultaneously so minute that we may not notice the effect of billions and trillions and endless touches and taps and bangs and crashes and explosives and drips and drabs and straws and wrappers and cups and this and that’n this again that we impose upon her, but when infinity is the scale and the life of a planet is seen in in super-duper fast forward it would be interesting to see what the deleterious impacts of these daily indignities cause to what makes the planet lovable and livable and inhabitable.

It can not be nature or nurture, if we value the life-giving qualities we settle into without thinking about it every day, as the sun rises, rain falls, and air blows cool down from snowy mountains.

We should care for and protect what makes our country unique, a bastion of freedom for its citizens, and a beacon of light for those around the world, for we have been that. But we should even more be globalists. Or maybe the term should be Earthists. To think even bigger, we should all be Universists as we extend our reach beyond this planet. But to do that we have to start by being caring, loving individuals who want more for others, our kids and grand-kids and future generations than we care about hoarding it for ourselves.

Generosity begets generosity.

Let’s be generous to and care for Mother Earth. She will be here long after this country is gone.  What kind of shape will she be in for future generations?

That depends on how we nurture nature.

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