The Dead Set

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.”
Frank Zappa

The Dead Set

Getting older has one cool advantage, you’ve seen things. And, in some cases, you can say “I was there” at an event that can no longer happen. For example, I saw (with my brother) Elton John on his Yellow Brick Road tour. That was in 1973! Now that it is 2018, not a whole lot of people can say that “they were there”. Cool, huh?

The following is a list of music acts that I’ve seen that, because of my advancing years, chances are that if you were not there then and it won’t happen now. Mostly because these great artists have passed away.

Led Zeppelin: The band broke up because John Bonham died in 1980, I saw their Houses of the Holy tour in 1973.

Jim Croce: He died in 1973. This “Time in a Bottle” singer opened for the Steve Miller band.

Muddy Waters: He died in 1983. This blues legend was awesome. I saw him as an old man, sitting on a stool playing his electric guitar.

Stevie Ray Vaughn: I’m a big fan, he sadly died in 1990. Before he hit fame, he was playing in clubs in Austin, Texas. He opened for George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers at Popejoy Hall when no one knew who he was. It was awesome.

Frank Zappa: He died in 1993. I saw him in the late 80s in a very small theater that was packed.

The Grateful Dead: Jerry died in 1995. I saw this band twice. In fact, I have a lava lamp that was on their tour that sat on the lighting desk. When the show shut down because of the passing of Jerry, one of my friends thought that I’d like it.

Mel Torme: He died in 1999. I was working backstage at this show in the mid-80s. After the concert I asked him if he needed an escort to his limo because it was so crowded. He said, “Don’t bother, kid. No one knows who I am.”

Is there anyone on your Dead Set list that you can say “I was there. I saw it live”?

2 thoughts on “The Dead Set

  1. Another great post! I’ve seen maybe five or six concerts in my whole life. So I think you are very fortunate to of seen all these folks. Especially folks like Stevie Ray Vaughan before they were even famous. Very cool.

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