A Star is Born: Anew

“The only “ism” Hollywood believes in is plagiarism.”
Dorothy Parker

A Star is Born: Anew!

This weekend we’ll be seeing the opening of the latest version of this story. Actually, it has opened early in New York and some early reviews are out. The machine is rolling forward with positive reviews and looks to be a big hit. I hope so, I expect to enjoy it very much.

The basic plot began with What Price Hollywood in 1932 and then with the first A Star is Born in 1937. The first remake was with Judy Garland (1954) and the second with Barbara Streisand (1976). Now the third remake in 2018.

The first two take place in Hollywood and the second two take place in the world of rock and roll. It is a tragedy. It is a love story. It is a story about addiction and fame in the worlds of great power.

The original had one character, the publicist, who gave us “our” view of Hollywood. He was grounded and a bit cynical. While directors and actors and the machinery are doing truly insane things, like changing her name and giving her a new look or lying to the press and making up stories, he watched and reflected how we, the audience, should see this happening around him; almost like in a non-stop maniac circus.

This will be Bradley Cooper’s movie in every sense*. His character is the one who, when faced with the choice of change, decides to do so. Lady Gaga will stay the same, solid, through out the movie.

The power of this movie is because while it is a tragedy, it breaks the rules of tragedy. Tragedy is when the character refuses to change and, in this story, the character in the end does change by making a choice. This is so smart but must be played deftly.

I’m looking forward to it!

*Lets be real for a moment. While Bradley Cooper will get the writing credit. This story has been told before. Think of a remake of Cinderella. He can get all the credit in the world and deserves it but the story is not original.

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