A Star is Born: The Glass Slipper

“Well, nobody’s perfect.”
Some Like It Hot

A Star is Born: The Glass Slipper

A Star is Born, opening this week, is a remake. This means that we already know the story and we want to see how it plays out. Of interest to me is how will the movie end, how it takes the final moment and nails it to the wall.

I’ll call it the glass slipper.

Oh my man, I love him so; he’ll never know.

Don’t cry shopgirl. I hoped it would be you.

What a minute, nice boys don’t kiss like that. The hell they don’t!

The glass slipper has been set up through out the story and we are all sitting up, waiting for that final moment to conclude. Whether it is the reveal of NY152 and Shopgirl or the defiant and love for My Man; we saw it coming and really want to see the stamp of the director on this moment.

In the original A Star is Born, the reporters are crowding around our heroine and asking her, “Vicky Lester, Vicky Lester!”. She responds powerfully with, “My name is Mrs. Norman Maine!” She owns her marriage with pride and her love for her husband. It is perfect … for 1937. Fade to black, music soars.

There are many versions of Cinderella. We all want to see how the director deals with the glass slipper. In the animated Disney film, the glass slipper gets broken (oh no!) but she had the other in her pocket. In the recent live Disney version, the evil step mother breaks the glass slipper; showing how cruel she really is to Cinderella.

Our awareness and love for powerful women has changed over time. In the 30s, a woman standing by her man was as a declaration of “wife”. How this, with the strong Lady Gaga, will the glass slipper moment be presented in 2018 will define this movie in every way.

There can be many choices and it is the moment I am anticipating throughout the whole movie of A Star is Born. How will Bradley Cooper nail that final moment to the wall? I could be done like Funny Girl; all alone on the stage singing about her man. It could be facing the press. It could be lots of things. But we have to have that glass slipper moment.

One thought on “A Star is Born: The Glass Slipper

  1. Nice piece, and I love the set up for the show. The glass slipper idea of courses are universal theme which you’ve captured, I also think that people watch with anticipation to see what rock stars can do with iconic roles. Or trying something out of their own milieu. Sam, especially those who come from live theater, can do it well. Gaga seems like she’s made for this. We shall see!

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