Presidential Hopefuls 2020

“I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.”
Mark Twain

Presidential Hopefuls 2020

Nov. 3, 2020 feels like a long ways away but it is just around the corner.

Typically, a president wins his second election. We should expect Donald Trump to win because of our country’s track record.

Typically, a party that has a lot of runners wins the election. We should expect the Democrats to win this round.

I look for four things in a candidate: I want a leader, an ambassador, a politician and a diplomat. Finding those four qualities will be hard, most of the current runners do not have a strength in foreign policy, they are mostly home-grown politicians.

We also know that the front-runners of the moment will not likely be the front-runners a year from now. History shows that this will be likely.

Let’s take a look at the top eight on the current list.

Joe Biden
He’s the current front runner even though he’s not announced. I think that he’d top my list with leadership skills and as Obama’s VP, he’d know the foreign policy stuff. My problem with Joe is that he’s old. Some youth will be needed this time around.

Cory Booker
He is slick. He smells like a politician and allowed himself to be cornered into picking a female VP; a rookie mistake like that won’t cut it in a presidential bid.

Elizabeth Warren
Darn, she sure is sincere! I like her, she’s smart and focused. She doesn’t seem grounded is my impression. We need a leader who can stand like a rock, solid and firm and she just looks too bendy.

Kamala Harris
I like her too. If she can get Brett Kavanaugh, a supreme court judge, tossed into prison on felony perjury charges; she gets my vote. She’s tough and wicked quick.

Amy Klobuchar
Same with Kamala, if she can nail Brett, she gets my vote. Actually, this is my favorite nominee so far. She’s tough and comes from the heart of our country. The claims of harsh treatment of her staff are only bonus points in my book.

Beto O’Rourke
Like Ms. Warren, he doesn’t look grounded. In fact, Warren is an oak tree compared to Beto. He talks the good talk but I’m not convinced that he even knows that is going on the world. Aw shucks.

Bernie Sanders
The dude looks like he’s about to have a stroke. I hate to say it because I know it’s unfair, but I am suspicious of the amount of money he raised on the first day. If the Russians dabbled in 2016, why not this time too? It’s not like Trump has done anything to make our elections safer and more sound.

Julian Castro
He’s new but not new. He’s served on the cabinet in HUD. I like him. I’d like him better as a vice president and then eight years later run for president.

I think of the Chinese who have been practicing diplomacy for thousands of years, I think of the world that needs the ambassadorship and good will of our president, I think of the politics world-wide and at home that needs a deft mover and speaker. We need leadership in the worse way and want it soon — frankly, I don’t see that person in the hunt.

The elephant in the room is Donald Trump. There is no guarantee that he’ll make it to the next election. Imagine John Kasich, William Weld or John Pence trying to run on the Republican side! Disaster for them.

Whoever wins the next election has a lot of cleaning up to do. This country is a mess. We don’t know how far Russian money ran through the NRA and into the Republican party and until we do; they are tainted. We see prospects running on “progression” but we need to resettle our foundation first — moving forward all pie-eyed would be a mistake.

One thought on “Presidential Hopefuls 2020

  1. Too bendy! We do need someone rock solid, value and ethics based. The foreign policy aspect is important to me as well. While you can surround oneself with experts, experts don’t always agree, and then how do you base your final decision? Curious about the mayor, Pete. He seems to have many levels.

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