What Does It Take To Sell Your Soul

close up photo of silverware
Photo by Naim Benjelloun on Pexels.com

Everyone is focused on the children

The innocents

The helpless

The ones who don’t understand, can’t.

Who can’t imagine why they are living

In hell.

The ones who are just kids who want to play outside.


That is the right priority.


But I wonder about the process of selling your soul

So you can be part of something

So you can make money.

So that you can feel important

feel safe, feel superior, feel NIMBY, feel this land is my land

this land is not your land

So, what is the process of selling your soul?


That’s the right question.


What does it take to kiss Jesus on the cheek

And to betray everything he stood for,

Lived for, died for.

For thirty pieces of silver

And a seat at the table.



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