Blue Flowers Are Too

aky beautiful bloom blooming
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on


The virus keeps us

Home and heart are everywhere

Blue flowers are too



Source of all blessings


You bless us with faith

when we have done all we can

to protect those we love.

You bless us with love

when so many parts of our life seem bleak.

You bless us with…yes…faith

that deep trust and hope

we would never find by ourselves.

You bless us with this moment,

this breath,

this smile,

this day,

this pair of socks,



Tomorrow? Well, what of it?

Yesterday? It’s not a proper dwelling.

Today. This minute, This Breath.



May I relax into this.

Prepare for that.

Love others.


Thank you for this, that, and the other.*

*Thanks to Br. David Steindl-Rast for the inspiration and the format for this, from his wonderful book, 99 Blessings.

purple hyacinth in bloom
Photo by Peter Fazekas on


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